The academic year-end tournaments continue. 


Over the weekend, USF baseball had a chance to make history.  Instead, something else happened.


It is the middle of May, time for graduations and the end of the school year for most.  That also means a break for collegiate sports.  There is still some unfinished business, however, that could bring trophies back to Fowler Avenue.


The long hot summer has begun.  Without football to talk about, the conversation naturally turns to everything else.  For USF, that is player arrests, prejudging judges, and a coach who is an educator.


Competition in college sports is fierce and fun.  Sometimes, that spirit of competition leaves the sports arena and heads into politics.  Yet again, USF is at the short end of the political stick, having the goal posts moved by an unloving state legislature to the tune of a $10 million loss in funds.


The internet giveth and it taketh away. 


Sometimes it seems the only news is bad news.  Today, it’s a mixed bag.

The NFL Draft has passed and USF put several guys into the league.  How at least one of them entered will be fodder for debate for quite some time.


If it weren’t such a witty name, this segment would be rightly called the Weekly Something.  It has been a quiet week, but here’s a look at what has been happening.


The USF football spring camp has ended and the Spring Game is history. Now begins the long march of summer, the prelude to the next time fans will see their football players in action. In spite of that, there is still a lot to know and talk about.


The long wait for football-crazed USF fans is half over. It’s not football season, but the next best thing is happening Saturday. That is, of course, the football Spring Game, which kicks off at 4 PM at Corbett Stadium on campus. USF has managed to schedule this big game on a holiday weekend, as is typically the case with the UCF game.

There have been many moments when USF was a national story related to sports.  Some of those times were highs, like the top five ranking back in 2007, and some have been lows, like the nature of the Leavitt departure.  The hiring of Charlie Strong has head coach had the team making national news for the right reasons.  That story was arguably a lot bigger than that of his predecessor going to Oregon.  Now, the spotlight is on the program for another negative reason, the poor behavior of one who wore green and gold on the football field.

USF defensive back, Hassan Childs, was shot three times in an apparent road rage incident, last night.  It is alleged that Childs pulled a gun on the shooter.


Looking Back

The recently ranked and possibly not to be ranked in the near future, USF baseball team lost their second game in a week's time after winning 19 straight.  The 22-3 Bulls beat FAMU 11-1 on Friday and 7-1 on Sunday, but dropped the Saturday night game, 3-2.  It took extra innings and tricky base running for the Rattlers to get the win, and even then, USF should have held on.  In the 11th inning, a pinch runner was caught between home and third base, but managed to run past the catcher.  By basic rules of baseball, the pitcher should have covered home plate.  That didn't happen and there was nobody to throw the ball to once the runner passed the catcher, who had moved forward in the trap.

Looking Forward

CBS Sports has a feature on 5 juniors they think could have a breakout season for USF football.

Sportsbook Review considers the possibilty that USF quarterback, Quinton Flowers, is "this year's Lamar Jackson."



Superstition has been a part of baseball since the game began. Never talk about a no-hitter or a perfect game while in progress. Good luck clothing and special routines that magically help prevent your team from losing. Add to that list, not talking about a team’s win streak one game shy of a record. Baseball superstition is strange and powerful magic.