The NFL Draft has passed and USF put several guys into the league.  How at least one of them entered will be fodder for debate for quite some time.

Looking Back

Former USF running back, Marlon Mack, and wide receiver, Rodney Adams, were drafted in the fourth and fifth rounds of the NFL Draft, respectively.  Adams is headed to Minnesota and Mack is going to Indianapolis.  Mack was expected by many to go earlier in the draft, but he ended up being the 15th running back picked.  Perhaps the worst part of that experience for the former Bull was the questionable way that pick was announced.  The Colts and the NFL thought it would be a good idea if an orangutan made that announcement.  They actually had an animal in the zoo touch a monitor to broadcast the announcement of Mack going to the Colts.  Not surprisingly, some people had a problem with the disrespectful handling of what might be the most important moment of a young man’s life.

While it is probably not related in any way to the distasteful handling of the draft pick announcements, the Colts fired much of their scouting staff after the draft was over.  Maybe they thought if a zoo animal was good enough to make picks this year, they’ll revisit the strategy in the future.

Former USF offensive lineman, Kofi Amichia, was the final Bull to be drafted into the NFL, bringing the total to just three for this cycle.  Amichia is headed to Green Bay after being selected in the sixth round.

A current USF football player, defensive end, Ladarrius Jackson, has been arrested and charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment.  The university has not put out a statement regarding his status with the team.

The USF baseball team lost another game.  This time, it was to #23 Houston.  The good news is that the Bulls managed to bounce back and win the final two games of the series.  In doing so, they have created a five team tie to lead the American Athletic Conference.  UCF, USF, UConn, Tulane, and Houston all have a 9-6 conference record.  The Bulls knocked Houston out of the rankings and put themselves in at #24.

Another byproduct of the Houston series is conference recognition for two baseball Bulls.  Junior pitcher, Joe Cavallaro, has been named Pitcher of the Week.  Duke Stunkel Jr., was named to the honor roll for the same position.  

The baseball team will host FGCU on Wednesday night.  The Eagles had started the season with one of the longest winning streaks, ending the Bulls' own 19 game winnning streak.  After getting ranked into the top ten nationally, FGCU dropped out of the rankings after losing several conference games.  Their record sits at 31-16 at present, but their strength earlier in the season, beating the top teams in the state, projects a challenge for USF.  

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