The Bulls come out of the bye week with some ups and downs in the rankings.  

 Up first, the AP Poll.

1              Alabama

2              Clemson

3              Penn St

4              Georgia

5              Washington

6              TCU

7              Wisconsin

8              Washington St

9              Ohio St

10           Auburn

11           Miami FL

12           Oklahoma

13           USC

14           Oklahoma St

15           Virginia Tech

16           Notre Dame

17           Michigan

18           South Florida

19           San Diego St

20           NC State

21           Michigan St

22           UCF

23           Stanford

24           Texas Tech

25           Navy


USF has managed something very difficult to accomplish in the AP Poll.   With all of the upheaval around them, they have remained at #18 for three weeks in a row, regardless who they play or beat or if they don’t play at all.  UCF, who joined the top 25 a week earlier, has moved up to 22 after humiliating Cincinnati on the road.  Navy joins the Florida schools to bring the AAC representation in the top 25 to three.  Incidentally, that’s more than any other non-playoff conference and the same as the number of teams ranked from the SEC.  Memphis is the only other team from The American that is getting any votes.  They received the 35th most votes in the poll.

USF Poll Watch Week 7 2017 AP

The Coaches like USF better than the media. 

1              Alabama

2              Clemson

3              Penn St

4              Washington

5              Georgia

6              Wisconsin

7              TCU

8              Ohio St

9              Washington St

10           Miami FL

11           Auburn

12           Oklahoma

13           USC

14           Oklahoma St

15           South Florida

16           Michigan

17           Virginia Tech

18           San Diego St

19           Notre Dame

20           NC State

21           UCF

22           Michigan St

23           Utah

24           Navy

25           Stanford


The Bulls continue their three week rise to number 15 in the USA Today Amway Coaches’ Poll.  The difference between the two polls amounts to whether or not the voters believe USF is better than Notre Dame, Michigan, and Virginia Tech.  The coaches do.  The AP does not.   The nearby Knights move up several spots to #21 and Navy debuts at 24.  No other AAC team is ranked.  Memphis is still getting votes, one spot lower than Troy at an unofficial 34.


 USF Poll Watch Week 7 2017 USA

After beginning the season with four ranked teams from the state of Florida ranked in the two major polls for the first time in history, there are only three Florida teams ranked at present.  USF, UCF, and Miami are carrying the banner for the state in the absence of Florida and FSU.  This is the first year that five teams from Florida have been ranked during the same season.

USF Poll Watch Week 7 2017 AP USA



As for the rest of the rankings covered in this segment, the Bulls move up in two systems and down in three others.  The Congrove CCR129 ranks USF higher than anyone else at #11.   The ESPN Football Power Index continues rate the Bulls poorly at 45th, which is way beyond the fringes of the outliers.  Interestingly, UCF has rocketed up the FPI to 21st, with an even weaker strength of schedule as defined by the FPI, 84th compared to USF’s 73rd.   

 USF Poll Watch Week 7 2017 All


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