Spring football is now history, and so begins the long summer where football fans try to sound interested when talking about the “other” sports. Some of those other sports are making waves at USF.

Looking Back

Of course, there is the aforementioned football to account for. Yes, USF won, and their interesting scoring methodology made it an extremely high scoring and close game. If one didn’t know better, the 56-55 score might be seen as an attempt not-to-win. Some random pictures are posted here.

So the Bulls baseball team probably didn’t have high expectations when visiting the #7 ECU baseball team, losing 15-2. But, they rebounded strong in the second game of the series, handing the Pirates a blowout loss of their own, 13-1. The win over 26-9 ECU was a big one for the Bulls. Even bigger still, was what came on Sunday, a 5-4 USF win, handing the Pirates their only lost series this season.

The Orlando Sentinel has a nice video interview of USF quarterback, Brett Kean, featured on their story titled “MAC: The toughest nonconference schedules ranked”. Yes, they really did that.

USF cornerback and son of former Buccanneers player, Donnie Abraham, was hosted by his father’s former team for workouts.

After their big series win over ECU, the baseball team finished a season sweep of UNF, 7-1.

Looking Forward

Baseball America notes that USF, Wichita State, and UConn are likely at-large tournament teams. They also point out that nine teams in the conference are 1.5 games from first place, making it one of the most competitive conferences in the country.

The Tampa Bay Times’ Joey Knight ponders the question of Bruce Hector’s draft status as a potential sleeper. Knight includes a tweet from NFL draft analyst, Jonah Tuls, who says Hector should be in his list of top 300 players

USF continues to study the idea of an on-campus stadium, as opposed to actually building one. They’re feedback to build a 40,000 seat now soliciting stadium on campus, via 170,000 mailings sent out to whom they view as their community.

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