USF athletic director, Mark Harlan, announced the plan to build a new, 160,000 square foot football center, the centerpiece of which being an indoor practice field.  While the indoor field will be a big help with the frequent bad weather problems that have doomed past football practices, it is only one facet of a more impressive investment into the football program and its student athletes. 

In addition to the field, there will be a two-story facility that will serve as the program’s headquarters.  12,000 square feet has been allocated to a strength and conditioning area, with 10,000 more for locker rooms.  There will be a nutrition center and player lounge areas, too.  The two-story building will provide 12,000 square feet of meeting spaces and there will be an auditorium style seating area at one end of the indoor practice field.  

The university projects that this facility will be entirely paid for by donors.  While some may decry the expenditure in lieu of an on campus stadium, this marks the biggest investment into the football program by the institution.  It’s a sure sign that the administration is committed to big-time football in Tampa.

More information can be found on the USF Football Center website.

Video courtesy of USF Athletics

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